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Pet Eye Care

Here are some eye care tips for your pets that go above and beyond cleaning away tear stains:

  • Look deeply into your dog or cat's eyes and make note of whether her eyes are clear and bright. The area surrounding her eyeball should be white and the pupil should be equal in size.
  • Gently roll down the lower eye lid and notice if it's pink. It should be pink, not red or white.
  • Are your cat or dog's eyes: crusty, unable to be opened, cloudy, can you see the third eyelid, are the pupils uneven in size? If you notice this, call your vet.
  • Clear away tear stains. Wipe outward from the corner of the eye, don't touch the eyeball. If your pet's eyes are constantly runny or have discharge, call your veterinarian.
  • If your dog has long hair, make sure it doesn't obstruct his view. Trim the hair around his eyes with rounded edge-tipped scissors so he can see and so hair doesn't grow into his eyeball.
  • Don't let your dog stick his head out the window of a moving car. They sure seem to love it, but dust or other debris could hit them in the eye and cause injury.