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5th Annual Ice Cream Social!!

Join us this Sunday July 16th from 1-4pm for National Ice Cream Day! We will have ice cream and frozen yogurt available for the well behaved pups and refreshments for their humans. We will also be having a few raffles and tons of freebies throughout the day. Hope to see you there!! 

Baby It's Hot Outside!

Musher's Secret

Musher's Secret is an all-season paw protecting wax for your pets. The dense barrier wax forms a breathable bond with your dog's paws. Great for the most adventurous of dog companions while visiting the Rocky Mountains for a hike or exploring the sand dunes, even just walking around town with the hottest of asphalt around. Musher's Secret puts a barrier between paws and off-road and street hazards, so the trip can be worry free.

Rad Cat Raw Diet

We are very excited to add Rad Cat to our Frequent Buyer Program. Starting today July 1st, we will be offering Buy 12 Get 1 free on ALL of our raw diets!! Also coming soon, a package update to the Rad Cat products. If you have any questions about our frequent buyer program or Rad Cat food please feel free to reach out. 

Baby It's Hot Outside!

Heatstroke In Family Pets

Beware the dangers of heatstroke! Murdoch University has put together this comphrehensive guide that explains the signs, symptoms and ways to avoid too much heat with your furry friends!