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Product Spotlight

Alcott Gear Pup Tent

Alcott Gear Pup Tents are the perfect get away space for your furry friends. Whether you're spending a day in the mountains, at the park, at the reservoir or even just lounging in your back yard, this Pup Tent offers a shady, protective place to hang out. Stop in to see one set up on display. For a review on this product or to follow the adorable pup pictured (Kona and brother Kyro *not pictured) visit our friends PNW Heeler Squad by clicking here.

Earthborn ReBorn


We have been collecting Earthborn packaging for their partnership with TerraCycle for about a year now. We are so excited to see that recycling come to fruition with Earthborn ReBorn Frisbees! If you currently use the Earthborn brand, you can get a frisbee for FREE just by bringing in your empty packaging! If you aren't currently using the Earthborn brand, head over to our Facebook page for details on how you can get your paws on a free frisbee!!

Eco Pet Parenting

Feline Fresh

Feline Fresh offers an environmentally friendly cat litter made from  pine, non-toxic and completely safe for all pets and people, even if ingested. The clumps are biodegradable and flushable, even for septic tanks. When you change the litter box completely you can dispose of the used litter (solid waste removed) into your compost pile or used as mulch in the garden. PlanetWise Products utilizes 100% pine that is a natural by-product of the lumber industry. Feline Fresh is just one of our many scoopable, flushable cat litter options. Contact us for more info. 

The Results Are In...

Denver A-List

Thank you so much for making us a Top 5 Finalaist! We've always known we have the best customers in town (0; 

Eco Pet Parenting

Earthborn and Terracycle

We are so proud to be a part of the Terracycle program partnered with Earthborn Holistic Pet Foods. Our customers have recycled a combined 556 total bags and earned almost $70 for charity in the process!! Ask us how you can do your part. For fun resources for parents with children visit the Earthborn Holistic website here.