Latest News from A Pet's Paradise

Easter Savings

We have a basket of savings for you on Saturday, April the 20th.  Fill up the Easter basket and receive 10% off of everything in it (excluding dog and cat food).  

Colorado Parent 'Partners with Paws'

We found an amazing article published by Colorado Parent Magazine in their April 2019 Isuue titled Partners with Paws written by Kristi Hemingway. Check it out here for information on the difference between service animals, therapy animals, and emotional-support animals. 


We know we have the BEST customers in the World.  We work hard every day to earn your trust and your business and just want to thank you for giving us that opportunity.  We appreciate you and look forward to a rewarding and hope-filled relationship with you and your treasured furry family members.  Thank you!

Income Tax Day

No tax at the store on Tax Day.  We are feeling your pain...  Come in on the 15th and we'll pay your sales tax!

National Pet Day

Come In With Your Pet!

Let's celebrate our pets on their day!  Bring in your dog or cat for 15% off of a toy or treat today.  Looking forward to seeing you at the store with your furry friends!