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Flower Essences for Your Companion

A Pet's Paradise carries only the finest supplements and remedies for your pet.  Below we explain Flower Essences and some of the benefits they can bring to your companion animals. 

Pioneered and developed by Edward Bach M.D. for human patients that struggled with achieving health, flower essences were originally tested on himself and have been found to work wonderfully with the animal kingdom, as well.  There are 38 single essences and one combination of five flowers, sometimes called rescue remedy.  The Five Flower Remedy is useful in post and pre operative conditions and other traumatic occurrences.

Our goal is to provide our customers with information on all the natural remedies and supplements 
we offer.

 (This information is adapted from The Holistic Animal Handbook by Kate Solisti-Mattelon and Patrice Mattelon)

Agrimony For animals who chew themselves raw from any kind of skin irritation, including allergies from food, pollens or from irritating sutures.  Also for restless animals who pace and have a hard time getting comfortable
Aspen For animals who are frightened by storms or who spook easily.  Also for animals in shelters who sense other animals being put to death and fear they are next.
Beech For picky eaters (cats, especially), animals who are fearful of children or who complain a lot and who have a difficult time adjusting to new people or animals in the home.
Centaury For animals who want to please their person no matter what and for animals who need to increase their will to live (from fighting illness, a difficult birth or an accident).
Cerato For animals who are easily distracted and who need to be attentive to their person while in training or competition
Cherry Plum For high strung animals and animals who can become violent or need to maintain a steadier control and for animals who are very territorial. Good for cats who don’t travel well and for all animals flying
Chestnut Bud Good for animals who need to break bad habits like chasing, chewing, barking, getting into the trash...
Chickory For possessive animals or animals who demand all the attention. Also, who show signs of physical congestion in the lungs or nose
Clematis Good for increasing attention span and for comatose or unconscious animals
Crab Apple For animals who have been abandoned or abused, who cower and hide and who are traumatized from being groomed
Elm Helps animals adapt to difficult different locations and feel safer in the transition period of going from place to place, i.e.; flying, going to the vet, going to the Groomer, etc.
Gentain Gives animals a boost of hopeful energy if they have had a set back in an illness or injury. Also helps improve confidence in competing tasks that require a lot of endurance.
Gorse Good for animals that refuse to eat or who have lost hope in the face of a debilitating illness such as arthritis or cancer.
Heather Allows the animal to feel more satisfaction and not crave to be the center of attention all the time. Helps them not to be such a pest to company.
Holly For jealous animals or animals who appear to be able to be dangerous. For animals who need to feel they are loved or who have been neglected.
Honeysuckle Helps animals who are grieving after a loved person or friend has been taken away or has passed on. Good for mothers to help recover from birthing and letting her puppies go.
Hornbeam Gives energy to animals tired after competition or whose spirit seems down and they have lost the will to win, compete or perform their jobs.
Impatiens For animals in any form of pain. To calm animals who get overly excited or who get the nervous shakes or who are high strung.
Larch Useful for animals who lack confidence. Helpful for building self-esteem in competition or for animals who have been abused or beaten. Gives a stronger sense of security.
Mimulus Helpful in calming overwhelming fears an animal may have developed over a period of time from being starved, abused by their person or strangers, or fear of loud sudden noises such as thunderstorms. Also good for the sick animal who does not respond to treatment.
Mustard For female animals who may be depressed by hormonal changes after giving birth. Helps animals who tend to be loners and who can become cantankerous when approached.
Oak Helps maintain or bring back strength to animals who work very hard but seem to stress with their job, or who may struggling against a long term or chronic illness. Also good for the animal who is in harsh living conditions.
Olive Useful for animals who are prone to allergies and whose immune system may be worn down. For animals who deal with long term pain it brings more of a sense of endurance.
Pine Helps build confidence in the animal who acts shamed or guilty when their person is upset, even if they are not upset with the animal. Very helpful in calming animals who have been rescued.
Red Chestnut Helps build trust in animals who are always worring about their person, their young, etc.
Rock Rose Useful for giving an animal courage who has been terrified by an event and doesn’t seem to be recovering. For picky eaters and for animals that need to be more flexible. One of the 5 essences in Rescue Remedy.
Scleranthus Helps restore balance for animals with motion sickness, mood swings or epilepsy. Aids the show animal who is thought to be clumsy.
Star of Bethlehem Useful for releasing trauma from birth, accidents, abuse or loss of a person or companion animal. Very comforting vibration for those who feel unloved.
Sweet Chestnut High-strung animals who are restrained by show rings or small rooms or spaces. Good for endurance energy.
Vervain Helps calming energy for dogs who chase cars, and those who are hyperactive and intense.
Vine Useful for neutralizing dominant behavior and helping leadership skills.
Walnut For animals who are adjusting to new surroundings, such as moving and companion animals and people. Helpful for traveling anxiety and sensitivity to loud noises such as thunderstorms, fireworks, etc.
Water Violet Helps bring tranquility to grieving or sick animals
White Chestnut Brings focus and concentration to animals who hunt or compete.
Wild Out Great for animals who chew and are destructive out of boredom and those animals who seem to need a sense of purpose.
Wild Rose For animals who are grouchy or older animals who are forced to be with younger, more active animals.
Willow Useful for cats who urinate outside of the litter box out of anger or frustration and for dogs who chew destructively out of spite from being left alone. Good for animals who ignore you because you left them alone or put them in a kennel.
Rescue Remedy Emergency first aid formula  for stress, shock, injury, fear or exhaustion.  Helps restore a sense of peace, safety and calm.  Rescue Remedy is made up of the following essences:
  • Cherry Plum—to help retain control.
  • Clematis—to restore consciousness.
  • Impatiens—to relieve pain and anxiety.
  • Rock Rose—to relieve panic and fear.
  • Star of Bethlehem—to comfort and to release trauma.

Flower essences can be given orally or sprayed from an atomizer in the animal’s environment.  They can also be rubbed into your hands and then massaged onto your companion animal's ears, face, feet, etc.  (this is my favorite way of using the essences).  Come by the store or email us for more information about these holistic remedies.