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BioGroom Ear Care™

Ear Cleaner and Ear Wax Remover
This veterinary preparation, fortified with Boric and Salicylic Acid, thoroughly cleans the ear canals of dogs and cats. Dissolves ear wax build-up in one easy application. Ear-Care™ is exceptionally mild and gentle, and will not leave the ear canal oily, sticky, or gummy. The pharmaceutical ingredients in Ear-Care™ aid in prevention of ear problems when used on a regular basis. Recommended for use before or after bathing, swimming, and hunting.

BioGroom Ear Fresh™

Astringent Ear Powder
Help keep ears dry and reduce odor with this excellent ear powder. Ear Fresh™ contains Boric Acid and has special tight grip properties for removing hair from ear canals of dogs. Excellent for hand stripping. Comes with convenient funnel tip dispenser.

EarCare with Comfrey

Helpful for fungal or bacterial infections in the ear.