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At A Pet's Paradise, we care about giving your companion animal the very best. With so many choices available in today's global market, consumers want to be able to make an informed decision about the products they provide for their companion animals. We provide:

    • All Natural Pet Food & Treats
    • Wide variety of supplements and remedies
    • Toys for all pet sizes

We also have great toys, beds, fido and feline wear, collars and leads. We deliver!
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Thirsty Thursday

Does your cat ever want a little milk as a treat? Beware the dreaded pasteurized grocery store milk! Pasteurized milk can cause bloat in cats and that's no fun for anyone! Instead, look into offering a raw un-pasteurized goat milk by Answers or a local brand Golden Goodness by Ugly Goat. We offer both of these brands in store for your cats (or dogs) drinking pleasure!