Natural Dog and Cat Treats

At A Pet’s Paradise we always carry the highest quality treats, bones, and chews.  We recently added a gourmet doggie buffet that features over 25 different, single ingredient, bones & chews including bully sticks, beef cheek rolls, elk antlers and cow ears!  We even have a few chews that are safe for cats such as chicken feet and tripe sticks.  None of our products contain any rawhide, so you can trust that they are safe for your pet.  We also have a big selection of training treats, high reward jerky treats, and dental bones for dogs.  For cats, we have crunchy treats, sushi flakes, and Churu sticks.  Stop in any time with your dog or cat for a treat sample!

Why we don’t carry rawhide:

Rawhide products are not regulated by the FDA, because they are by-products of the leather industry.  Therefore, we know it is not safe for our pets, since no one is monitoring it and it is not meant to be consumed.  You can trust that any bone or chew that you purchase at A Pet’s Paradise is free from any rawhide!