Supplements and Remedies

At A Pet’s Paradise we carry many different supplements and natural remedies to help with various different illnesses and ailments!

Digestive Issues?

We carry a few different probiotics, pumpkin purees, raw goats milk, and herbal supplements!

Hip & Joint Pain?

We carry Hip & Joint chews by Fera, Activphy, Charlotte’s Web, and Open Farm.  We also have a powder supplement by Bixbi, made from organic mushrooms!

Itchy/Dry Skin?

We carry 2 different fish oils, a probiotic itch relief spray, an herbal oil by Nuwati, a skin & coat chew, and a powder supplement!  We also carry paw balms by Super Snouts and Musher’s Secret as well as a nose balm by My Dog Nose It!


We carry 6 different brands of CBD, as well as a few different herbal calming supplements that have ashwaganda, chamomile, and tryptophan!


We carry wound sprays & gels by Vetericyn and Skouts Honor.

In addition to the products listed above we have supplements for urinary health, cardiac & liver support, and overall immune health!