About Us

In 1999, Karen and Barb lost their young teacup poodle, Naya to cancer. Attributing this early death to a standard pet food diet, they wanted to be able to educate people on the ingredients used in most conventional pet foods that are found at supermarkets and big box pet supply stores. Thus, A Pets Paradise was born in 2001. Providing Capitol Hill and all of Denver with a knowledgeable, reliable, local and organic option for pets, A Pets Paradise has become a local favorite. Customers were quite upset when they heard that Karen and Barb were going to retire and shut down the store. Corinna and Andy, childhood friends, were looking for a building where they could move their organic mattress store. Loving this beautiful piece of history in Capitol Hill (built in the 1890’s), they decided to purchase both the building and A Pets Paradise, keeping the store open to the delight of the locals. They moved The Natural Sleep Store to the second floor and have endeavored to keep A Pets Paradise functioning with the same knowledge and care customers have grown to expect since 2001. Unable to do this without the help of employees, Kim and Emily, who stayed on through the transition, customers continue to appreciate their expert knowledge and are enjoying the subtle store improvements and expanded product lines.